Standard Towing Heads
or Expanding Duct Pullers

125mm Standard Towing Head

The original expanding towing head invented by Rod Brewis in 1984.
To read a history of the towing head click here.

Features of the Brewis Standard Towing Head -

  •  High Tensile Drop Forged Steel Eyebolts.

  •  Proven Tooth Profile for high gripping power.

  •  Solid Aluminium Noses on 125 mm to 280mm

  •  Huge range of sizes from 20mm to 355mm (See large towing heads for 400mm+)

  •  1" to 12" IPS, JIS etc.

  •  All popular sizes available from stock.

  •  Accommodates SDR*11 to 17.6, other sizes can be made on request.

"The original - still the best."  Beware cheap imitations.

125mm Towing Head IPS Towing Heads 63mm Standard in cut away pipe 20mm to 710mm in stock!

IPS Size Chart

* Standard Diameter to wall thickness Ratio - The "SDR" number is a ratio between the diameter and wall thickness. e.g. If you have a 250mm pipe which is SDR 17.6 then the wall thickness is 250/17.6 = 14.2mm.  So the bore of the pipe is 250- 14.2mm -14.2mm= 221.6mm.
The outside diameter is usually controlled closely, it's the inside diameter that normally fluctuates within a manufacturing tolerance.


For American Sizes despatched direct from our facility in Aurora, IL visit
or call 630 851 2111

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     head / duct puller
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