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Non Magnetic Sonde Housings

The Brewis Non Magnetic Sonde Housing is specially designed for the

SST detailsThe housing has a similar design to our normal High Flow Sonde Housing but is made from premium grade non magnetic stainless steels. 

The housing needs to used with a non magnetic drill rod (sometimes called a collar) so the transmitter is well away from any magnetic interference than would upset it's "electronic compass".

These rods are normally 4.5m (15 ft) long.  If the drilling job is in rock and a mud motor or tri-cone roller bit is being used then a second rod needs to be fitted to the front to ensure the steel in these components does not cause interference.  For other ground conditions a non mag jetting assembly can be fitted or a non mag boring head with steering plate.

Our housing has a four part design to allow maximum flexibility to the user.

1) Rear Cap - attaches to the non mag rod and allows the transmitter to be removed.
2) Housing body - houses the transmitter in a protective capsule.
3) Indexing Sub - contains the indexing mechanism and connects to either another rod or
4) Boring Head and steering plate for drilling in soft ground. (This component is optional)


There are currently 2 sizes -    4 (120mm), 6 (165mm)
Note 3 5/8" Housing no longer available

4 3/4" Boring Head

4 3/4" Profile

6 1/2" in China

6 1/2" 4 Part

Studded Plate

Success in Belgium

Replaceable Jets

Parts Drawing 3 5/8"
3 5/8" General Assembly
3 5/8" Capsule Assembly

No longer manufactured

Parts Drawing 4 3/4"
4 3/4" General Assembly
4 3/4" Capsule Assembly
Parts Drawing 6 1/2"
6 1/2" General Assembly
6 1/2" Capsule Assembly

A few tips to bear in mind -

● Non magnetic stainless steel is expensive and can be hard to get.  We try to keep housings and raw material in stock but please do not leave it to last minute to order.

● Non magnetic housings are less durable than normal alloy steel housings, protect your investment and treat your housing with care.  Never weld your housing!




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