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THE ULTIMATE TOWING HEAD                       

The Mudtight GOLD Towing Head was designed and developed in 2000.  The aim was to solve the age old problem of sealing the pipe without adding too much bulk to the outside diameter of the pipe.

It's patented sealing cartridge seals on the inside of the pipe and is reversible so that it will seal on both SDR 11 and SDR 17.6 pipe.  By using O rings of large cross section on IPS sizes, SDR 9 to SDR 32 pipe specifications can typically be sealed.

Tensile & Pressure testing confirms that the towing head grips beyond the yield strength of the pipe and is pressure tight up to bursting.

Click here to view a short video clip of a pressure test.

Click here to view a short video of a tensile test.

Metric & IPS Sizes are available from stock.

NB - Our competitors also make sealed towing heads which are referred to as "Mudtight".  They use completely different sealing methods.  For the ultimate sealed towing head make sure your specify


90mm Mudtight Gold 250 Standard & Mudtight Cutaway view of 50mm Mudtight Gold A variety of Mudtights

IPS Sizes
Pressure testing Tensile Testing Clevis Eye



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