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Large Diameter Towing Heads

710mm Heavy Duty

Above 400mm a few things begin to change -

1)  The difference in bore size between SDR11 and 17 gets too big to make one set of grippers for both sizes. Large towing heads normally fit only one size and are SDR specific. (Different grippers can normally be fitted to the same body.)

2) The wall thickness can vary quite a bit and the pipe may not be round.

3) Large pipes are being made with thinner walls - SDR21 & 26 are becoming more common.  To ensure these pipes are gripped securely it is best to have a sleeve on the outside.

4) The type of job becomes more important - The towing head specified will be quite different for a 20 metre shot under a railway when compared to an 800m shot of ballasted sewer pipe across an estuary.

We do keep in stock Standard Towing Heads for 400, 450, 500, 560 & 630mm in SDR11, 17.6 and 21 but it is best to discuss your project requirements with us in advance so we can supply a product that best suits your needs and budget.

We will be happy to quote for your project - We would like to know, if possible -

  • Size, SDR and specification of the proposed pipe.
  • Length to be pulled in.
  • Size of rig to be used.
  • Will the pipe be ballasted?
  • Does the pipe need to be sealed against bentonite/ground water?

Please remember that the cost of the towing is a very small proportion of your project.  However, losing the pipe at the pull in stage could be very expensive! 

Please call to discuss your requirements.


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