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Drop forged eyebolt

The eyebolts fitted in Brewis Standard Towing Heads are forged from a single piece of high tensile alloy steel.  This gives them incredible strength, far in excess of the breaking load of the pipe.

Forging is expensive, to keep costs down most of our competitors use an eye nut with a length of studding welded in.  In our experience they are more prone to stretching, bending or breaking.

Having invested so much time and money in getting to the pull in stage why take a risk with an inferior towing head?



Our eyebolts are manufactured specially for us in the UK.  They are far superior to off the shelf eyebolts :-

Comparison between Brewis Eyebolts and BS529 Part1 1944 Long Shank Collared Eyebolts

Size Brewis (Breaking Load) BS529 Pt1 (Breaking Load)
3/8" 45kN (4.6 Tonne) 1 Tonne
1/2" 71kN (7.25 Tonne) 2.5 Tonne
3/4" 189kN (19.28 Tonne) 7 Tonne
1" 295kN (30.1 Tonne) 13.75 Tonne
1 1/2" 707kn (72.1 Tonne)  










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