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BIG RIG - Heavy Duty Pullback Swivels

from 44 to 550 US Ton

 Our drilling swivels have stood the test of time.

 They are the preferred choice of professional drillers 



The range of “BIG RIG” swivels is a further development of the legendary Brewis Heavy Duty Swivel. 

Each swivel uses an SKF Explorer (or FAG X-Life) spherical roller thrust bearing of a declared size.  i.e. The 154 US Ton swivel contains a bearing with a dynamic capacity of 154 US Tons.  Most swivel makers don’t declare the bearing capacity of their swivels but instead quote a figure for the strength of the supporting steelwork; this isn’t much help if the bearing has seized!

  • Sizes from 44 to 550 US Tons.

  • Patented Sealing System allows power greasing.

  • Side grease point for ease of use.

  • Manufactured from high tensile steel.

  • One piece shaft.

  • Sizes – US Tons 44, 58, 83, 110, 154, 175, 210, 275, 320, 382, 455, 550.

  • API Box to clevis connections as standard. Clevis/Clevis to order.



Size Chart
Size Chart

550 Ton Big Rig
550 T
550 Ton Big Rig with Rod Brewis Machining a cap
550 Clevis/Clevis
with UJ
710mm Towing Head with 200 Ton Swivel
200 Ton with adaptors


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